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(上海电力大学 经济与管理学院)
Research on Incentive Compatibility for Orderly Development of China's Power Generation Industry
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投稿时间:2019-04-06    修订日期:2019-04-29
中文摘要: “十三五”规划初期,我国发电产业仍然存在无序发展的现象,导致火力发电产能过剩、可再生能源发电“三弃”限电等问题;且中国新一轮电力体制改革和供给侧结构性改革推进,电力市场构建尚未完善,仅从市场和产业的角度,无法有效解释上述问题。本文从产业发展现状和发展规划要求的层面分析了发电产业有序发展的必要性;基于经济学一般理论,从有效监管的角度,构建激励相容机制。激励相容性是在保证企业信息的真实披露的前提下,引导产业有序发展,从而实现政府对发电企业有序发展的有效监管。通过权衡企业利润、社会福利以及长期效用,引导发电企业在政府产业规划所期望的发电技术投入水平进行电力生产;再由政府以优先发电权的形式进行奖励和补偿,激励发电企业有序地进行电源投资。最后得到研究结论,并提出相应政策建议。
Abstract:In the early stage of the period, such a phenomenon as the disorderly development of China"s power industry still exists, resulting in the excess supply of thermal power, the curtailment of renewables and other problems. Meanwhile, with the implement of China"s new round of electric power system reform and the supply-side structural reform, the power market construction is not perfect, hence we cannot effectively explain the above problems just from the perspective of industry and market. This paper analyzes the necessity of the orderly development of Chinese power industry with respect to the current situation of the industrial development and the requirements of the development planning. Based on the general theory of economics, from the perspective of effective supervision, the incentive compatibility mechanism is designed. The purpose of incentive compatibility is to guide the orderly development of the power industry, to ensure the true report of corporate information, and to realize the government"s effective supervision to the orderly development of power industry. By evaluating the profit, the social welfare and the future utility, the enterprises will be able to produce electricity under the government"s expected level of investment. Then, the government will provide some incentives and compensation to encourage the orderly power investment by giving priority to power generation enterprises. Finally, the research conclusion is drew, and the policy recommendations are put forward.
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.Research on Incentive Compatibility for Orderly Development of China's Power Generation Industry[J].Journal of Shanghai University of Electric Power,2019,35(6):.